Stratco Outback Cooldek Pergola with Riser Brackets, Harrington Park

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  • Suburb: Harrington Park
  • Surrounding Suburbs: Narellan, Gregory Hills, Oran Park, Elderslie, Spring Farm

About this Stratco Outback Cooldek Pergola with Riser Brackets project

When it comes to outdoor living in Macarthur, both functionality and aesthetic appeal is paramount. The NHIC team were recently engaged to construct a Stratco Outback Cooldek Pergola custom designed to fit an alcove at the side of this Harrington Park property, providing a much more functional space for the homeowner in all weather conditions- elegantly poised with riser brackets and thoughtfully enclosed sides. 

The choice of the frame colour in Night Sky adds a nice contrast to the structure, yet blends seamlessly with the existing window and door frames of the home. Elevating the aesthetic and functional appeal of this pergola are the riser brackets. These ingeniously designed elements not only provide additional height, but also imbue the space with an air of grandeur. Enclosing the sides of the pergola are twinwall polycarbonate sheets in a subtle grey hue. This choice of material and colour complements the Night Sky frame, resulting in a cohesive and sophisticated exterior. The enclosed sides offer a sheltered enclave, protecting against the elements while still allowing natural light to permeate, ensuring the space remains bright and welcoming throughout the day.

Central to the pergola’s allure is the insulated roof panel system which is by far the selling point with the Stratco Outback Cooldek range, not only providing relief from the sun’s relentless heat but also contributing to the pergola’s sleek, modern look. These panels are instrumental in maintaining a comfortable temperature within the alcove, making it a year-round haven for relaxation and entertainment.

We really believe this project is more than an addition to this home; it’s a lifestyle upgrade, showcasing the possibilities inherent in thoughtful design and expert craftsmanship. Are you looking to take your unique outdoor space to new heights? Contact us today at 46478111 or submit your details for a free quote.

Double Gable Pergola with Merbau Posts Picton - NHIC
Double Gable Pergola with Merbau Posts Picton - NHIC
Double Gable Pergola with Merbau Posts Picton - NHIC

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