Stratco Cooldek Pergola

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  • Suburb: Unanderra
  • Surrounding Suburbs: Berkeley, Cordeaux Heights, Figtree

About this Stratco Cooldek Pergola project

A recent move to a brand new duplex in Unanderra presented an exciting opportunity for our client, however the outdoor area was in need of some finishing touches. This is where Narellan Home Improvement Centre stepped in, transforming the space into a beautiful and versatile patio that can be enjoyed year-round.

As you can see from the before photo, it was a completely open outdoor area that lacked personality and functionality. While the concrete offered a sturdy base, it provided little in the way of ambiance or practicality. The harsh Australian sun would undoubtedly make the space unusable during the warmer months, and without any form of covering, outdoor entertaining would be almost out of the question. The client entrusted NHIC with the task of designing and building a structure that would not only address the functionality of the space but also complement the aesthetics of the newly built duplex. 

The final product is a testament to NHIC’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction. The patio features a stylish Stratco Outback Frame and Guttering in a crisp Alpine Gloss White, perfectly matching the clean lines of the duplex. To provide much-needed shade and temperature control, a Cooldek Roof was installed. The Topside Gull Grey finish complements the modern aesthetic, while the Smooth Off White underside offers a touch of elegance.

With the new patio in place, the once-bare concrete expanse has been transformed into a delightful outdoor haven extending the living space outdoors, and creates a perfect spot for relaxation, entertaining, or simply enjoying the fresh air. NHIC’s expertise in design and construction of the full Stratco range has once again resulted in a stunning and functional outdoor space. If you’re looking to transform your own outdoor area into a haven you can enjoy year-round, contact us today at 46478111 or submit your details for a free quote.

Double Gable Pergola with Merbau Posts Picton - NHIC
Double Gable Pergola with Merbau Posts Picton - NHIC
Double Gable Pergola with Merbau Posts Picton - NHIC

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